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Red Crab

Red Crab


3.5", 1/2 oz lure that imitates the pelagic crabs that periodically invade our beaches.


Have you ever brought up a rockfish, bass, or tuna and watched it regurgitate a pile of red crabs on the deck? Everything on the West Coast loves to eat slow-swimming, defenseless red crabs. Even if there is no current and the fish are too lazy to chase down an active sardine, they can't resist a red crab drifting in front of their face.

  • Do these really work?

    I was fishing on a friend's boat off the rock quarry at the east end of Catalina with a tank of cured sardines. There were boils all around and sidescan showed massive schools of bait being herded by bass in every direction. The other 2 anglers flylined sardines, figuring that "match the hatch" would produce fish. I opted for this red crab lure on a 1/2 oz jighead and landed 15 bass before either of my friends got a bite. We figured that the bass were already stuffed with sardines and not very hungry, but when presented with an easy snack, they bit whether or not they felt like eating. Even after a big dinner, there's always room for dessert!


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