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4.3" Saltwater Jerkbait

4.3" Saltwater Jerkbait

PriceFrom $6.00

This jerkbait is 4.3" (110 mm) and weighs 5/8 oz.


There are 3 rigging options:

  • Treble: Size 6, 3X permasteel treble hook
  • Single: Size 2/0 black nickel inline single hook
  • Trolling: Size 3/0 HD black nickel inline single hook with HD split rings (+$1)


    The darker colors, Mackerel and Sardine, have been the most effective for me when fishing offshore, whether trolling or casting at foamers and kelp paddies. The lighter colors, Anchovy and Brown Bait, are my favorites for calico bass and inshore yellowtail and bonito. Smelt is my go-to when fishing the surf or the bays.


    Treble and Single Rigging

    I like to fish this lure with 8-10# on a spinning reel or 8-15# line on a baitcaster. Most inshore anglers prefer treble hooks due to the higher hookup ratio, but the single horoks can slide through a bed of eelgrass and bounce off rocks without getting stuck (see video above). It's also significantly safer and easier to remove a large single hook from a fish that you plan to release. Isn’t it frustrating to try to get two treble hooks out of a small bay bass and then watch it go belly-up because of the trauma? That isn’t a problem with inline single hooks. The rigging does affect the action of the lure: The Treble rigging has a tight wiggle and the Single rigging has a slower but more pronounced action (think of the difference when fighting a tuna versus a yellowtail).


    Trolling Rigging

    The Trolling rigging has been specifically designed for trolling with heavy line, up to 40#. The bigger, thicker hooks and heavier split rings can withstand a prolonged vertical battle with a big fish and also keep the lure swimming properly in the turbulence behind a boat.



    Here's a blog post about this lure.



    Shipping is free for purchases over $25, before taxes and fees. For purchases under $25, shipping is a flat rate of $5.

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