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4.3" Saltwater Crankbait

4.3" Saltwater Crankbait


This floating 4.3" (110 mm) crankbait weighs 3/8 oz and runs approximately 6' deep. There are 2 rigging options:

  • Treble: Size 6, 3X permasteel treble hook
  • Single: Size 2/0 black nickel inline single hook


    Gold, Silver and Red. The primary reason that this lure gets bit is its action so color isn't as significant a consideration as with other lures. However, here are my general rules for using this lure:

    • Gold: Kelp beds
    • Silver: Bonito and barracuda
    • Red: Anytime pelagic red crabs are around


    Treble and Single Rigging

    I like to fish this lure with 6-10# on a spinning reel or 8-12# line on a baitcaster. Most inshore anglers prefer treble hooks due to the higher hookup ratio, but the single hooks can slide through a bed of eelgrass and bounce off rocks without getting stuck. It’s also significantly safer and easier to remove a large single hook from a fish that you plan to release. Isn’t it frustrating to try to get two treble hooks out of a small bay bass and then watch it go belly-up because of the trauma? That isn’t a problem with inline single hooks.


    The Treble rigging has a tight wiggle and the Single rigging has a slower but more pronounced action (think of the difference when fighting a tuna versus a yellowtail).


    Here's a blog post about this lure.


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